Phoenixville Country Club has A Rich History

Phoenixville Country Club was founded in 1915, the year Woodrow Wilson served his first term as president, World War I was underway, the Phillies won their first pennant, and Alexander Graham Bell talked to Thomas Watson in the first telephone call from New York to San Francisco. 

In 2015, PCC celebrated it's Centennial Anniversary. Turning 100 years old is a big deal! In the last century, our country, the game of golf, and Phoenixville Country Club have all seen a lot of changes. One hundred years ago, golfers used wood-shafted clubs with wooden club heads. The fairways and greens were so rough that the ball bounced along the ground, and all players walked every course. How things have changed in the last 100 years!

And, PCC has seen it all. The founders of our Club met way back in April of 1915 with only a vision and the land for what would become the Phoenixville Country Club.  Our Club survived the Great Depression and so many big challenges over the last 100 years. Not many Clubs reach this age because to many of these challenges were insurmountable for them to survive.

Today, Phoenixville Country Club is a private golf, dining, and social club with a stunning events venue for every occasion. Our Hugh Wilson-designed golf course has been ranked among the best 9-hole courses in the world. An inviting, friendly environment and an experienced and professional staff make every golf round, wedding, meeting, party, and gathering of every kind, memorable and enjoyable. Club Memberships are available and designed to meet our members’ needs. Phoenxiville Country Club is a perfect fit. Today, we have vibrant, friendly and fun members, and our membership numbers are increasing! 

PCC is great for families and poses a significant challenge to even the best golfers. PCC is perfect for growing the game of golf. Our 9-hole course is perfect for today’s modern golfer who’s busy with their work and family life. Our clubhouse, featuring both the old and new structures is ideal for beautiful weddings and celebrations of all kinds.