Schuylkill Township Resident Play Dates 2022

March 9, 2022

On behalf of the Phoenixville Country Club, I would like to welcome back all Schuylkill Township residents to the “Best Kept Secret in Chester County”.  Our 9-hole gem was designed by Hugh Wilson in 1915, and is now open for township resident play on two select Mondays each month beginning in May and running through October.  The schedule for 2022, our rates and 2022 regulations are listed below.  Please call the Golf Shop at (610) 935-9320, to schedule a time.
Matthew Dever, PGA
2022 DATES FOR PLAY                   Monday Pro Shop Hours- 12:00pm- 7:00pm
Monday, May 9th &  23rd             
Monday, June 6th & 20th    
Monday, July 11th & 18th
Monday, August 1st, 15th & 29th    
Monday, September 12th & 26th       
Monday, October 3rd & 24th            Date Change            


9-Holes                 Walking                $30.00                  Riding                    $43.00
18-Holes              Walking                $45.00                   Riding                    $65.00

*The clubhouse is closed on Mondays.  Snacks and soft drinks are available for purchase in the Golf Shop.

Phoenixville Country Club is a private nine-hole golf club dedicated to providing a challenging and rewarding golfing experience to all its members and their guests.  We ask all players to help us maintain the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that has become a hallmark of our Club.
The following rules have been developed to protect the golf course and to maximum enjoyment of the golfing facilities. Members have the privilege of using the golf course subject to these rules:
1. The Golf season runs from April 1 to October 31.
2. The Golf Course is open all year, unless otherwise posted.
3. The Pro Shop is open during the months of February through December and closed the entire month of January.
Pro Shop Hours of Operation
Tuesday through Friday.............8:30AM –Dusk 
(Except: June, July and August ........7:30AM -Dusk)
Saturday and Sunday..................7:00AM- Dusk
(Except:  November and December …..8:00AM-Dusk)
Monday ......................................12:00PM- 7:00PM
(First Monday in May through the last Monday in October)
4. All members must register themselves and their guests in the Pro Shop prior to starting play. Members are responsible for the actions and debts of their guests. (Play starts from the #1 tee unless permission is granted by the Golf Professional or his staff to start elsewhere.)
5. A cart contract must be signed before a cart will be issued to a member. Driver must be sixteen years of age or older. No more than two people may ride in a cart at anytime. Carts must use cart paths where provided.  Golf cart rules must be strictly followed while on the golf course.
6. A foursome is the maximum number of players allowed in a single group from opening day to closing day. Variance will be at the discretion of the Golf Professional and his staff.
7. Foursomes will take preference over singles, twosomes and threesomes.
8. No group shall refuse to allow, nor fail to invite, a faster following group to play through when there is an open hole ahead.
9. Divots and other damage to fairways, greens and bunkers (sand traps) must be repaired before proceeding with play.
10. Practicing anywhere other than the designated area is not permitted.
11. Groups completing play on hole #9 will alternate with groups waiting to starting play on hole# 1.
12. Players teeing off on hole # 8 must wait until players waiting to play on hole # 7 tee have teed off.
13. It is the responsibility of each player to turn in their adjusted score upon completion of play during the golf season.
14. The Golf Committee will make all rulings as to format, procedures, rules, etc. Their decision will be final.
15. Proper etiquette must be maintained on the course. Excessive noise, offensive language and rude or destructive behavior toward fellow golfers and others will not be tolerated. Physical or verbal abuse towards members, guest, employees or contractors of Phoenixville Country Club is unacceptable and could result in suspension or permanent disassociation with the Club.  Penalties will be at the discretion of the Board of Governors.
Cell Phones and Pagers
Cell phones and pagers may be monitored in “manners” (non-ring) mode only on the course. Using cell phones and pagers to receive incoming calls or make outbound calls or send outbound messages is prohibited except for personal (not business) EMERGENCIES ONLY.
Proper Golf Attire
In order to provide a comfortable atmosphere and yet maintain proper decorum, all members and their guests are required to dress appropriately at all times.
1. Golf fashions and attire is constantly changing, and we want our players to be able to keep pace with fashion, however, we require that reasonable modesty be maintained.  Tank tops, T-shirts, tennis length shorts, cut-off shorts and blue jeans are not acceptable. Shorts must not be more than four inches above the kneecaps.
2. Men’s shirts must have collar and sleeves.  Men’s shirts should be tucked in at all times.
3. Golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless footwear must be worn at all times.
4. Any individual who does not conform to the above requirements will not be permitted on the golf course.
Pace of Play
The expected pace of play for a foursome is two (2) hours (maximum) per nine (9) holes of play. To ensure that play flows smoothly around the course, we ask all players be aware of their speed of play and keep pace with the group ahead of them. Here are some suggestions to speed up play:
1. Play “ready golf” at all times.
2. Limit searches for lost balls to five minutes maximum.
3. Hit a provisional ball if you suspect your ball could be lost or out-of-bounds.
4. If possible, plan and prepare for your next shot while another player is hitting.
5. If necessary, putt out of normal sequence to speed play.
6. For short putts, putt out rather than mark your ball.
7. Record your score on the way to the next hole.
If a group is holding up play on the course, the Golf Professional or his staff is empowered by the Golf Committee to ask that group to move more quickly. Please be courteous to those bringing the issue to your attention and take whatever action is necessary or recommended to quicken your pace. If the Golf Professional or his staff should ask you to allow others to play through or to pick up your ball and move forward on the course, you are required to comply immediately. Failure to abide by the pace of play provisions or failure to heed the requests of the Golf Professional or his staff will subject you to action and discipline by the Golf Committee.
Weekend and Holiday Play
1. Members who wish to play on weekends and Holidays are offered the opportunity via notification with the Head Golf Professional. There will be no limits on corporate members playing times, but in circumstances where there are conflicts, the Head Golf Professional will provide oversight and apply resolutions to the conflicts by providing priority to corporate members with primary golf privileges.
2. On weekends and holidays no groups other than foursomes will be permitted to play between 8:00AM and 12:00PM. Variance will be at the discretion of the Golf Professional or his staff.
3. Members are permitted to have only one guest prior to 1:00PM on weekends and holidays.
4. Weekday members are not permitted to play on weekends and holidays, either as a member or as a guest, unless given variance by the Golf Committee.
Guest Play
1. Guests are limited to playing the course a maximum of five times per year.
2. For a member to have more than seven guests at once, prior approval must be granted by the Board of Governors. (The member’s request must be in writing.)
3. Members are responsible for the actions and decorum of their guests. Members should discuss the dress code and rules of play with their guests before their arrival at the Club. If your guest is having a problem with pace of play please make effort to speed up the game.
Youth Members
1. On Saturdays and Sundays, children under the age of 22 may play only after 2:00pm; unless accompanied by a Corporate Member.
Social Members
1. Social members are permitted to use the course up to five times per year and pay prescribed fees. Social members may have guests. Social members may play on weekends after one o’clock and on holiday mornings but they must play with a corporate member and these times will count toward their five times. Social members are not eligible to play in holiday tournaments.
Practice Range / Green
1. Proper golf attire is required on the practice range.
2. Practice shall be confined to our short practice range where yardage is limited. This area may be used only by golfing members or children having golfing privileges.
3. The practice range is open when the Pro Shop is open and closes just prior to closure of the Pro Shop to allow the range balls to be retrieved. In addition, the range is closed when the House needs additional parking for functions and events.  
Rules Enforcement
Members are encouraged to bring violators of these rules to the attention of the Golf Professional or staff, which is required to notify the golf committee. The Golf Committee will take appropriate action against the violator. Repeated violations will result in a suspension of the golfing privileges by the Board of Governors.