Junior Camp & Golf Lessons
at Phoenixville Country Club

“There is not one swing model for all players, but every player has their own unique swing!”
I believe that there is not a complete and absolute golf swing that can be copied by all students.  There are however, simple and basic fundamentals that can be taught and developed, through proper instruction, that will enable my students to make correct, repetitive impact.
50 Minute Lessons:
Member – $70
Junior (17 & Under) – $50
30 Minute Lessons:
Member $35
Junior $30
Series of 6 lessons:
Buy 5 get 1 free.
Member $300
Junior $250
Season Long Game Improvement Program:
$550 – includes: Four 50 minute lessons (Members Only)
Six 30 minute lessons
1 short game skills analysis
1 9 hole playing lesson
Group Lessons: One Hour Group Lesson $110
2 or 3 people
Playing Lessons:  Playing Lessons available (Members Only)
5 hole $100 /  9 hole $150

Contact at 610-935-9320 or e-mail at matt@phoenixvillecc.com